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Sri Lanka Tourist Attraction

Aquatic Life in Sri Lanka

Aquantic Life in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has as many as 103 rivers and a number of cascading waterfalls which provide ground for all major groups of vertebrates to flourish. The Aquatic life in Sri Lanka is surrounded by sea on all sides. The Aquatic life in this part of the world is blessed to be amongst thundering waterfalls and rivers meandering between the bosky banks. In Sri Lanka it is estimated that there are over 500 varieties of aquatic life. The amphibians and reptiles can be said to be of the highest number of endemic species. There are almost 107 species which are to be found in the island and a majority of them have found a safe haven in the marshes and rivers. The marine turtles are about eight in species. Out of them about five can be spotted in the sandy beaches in the southwestern and southeastern parts of the island. The aquatic life in Sri Lanka is assuming such popularity that today there are sea expeditions to watch dolphins and whales.

Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka

Heritage SItes in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is complete with a lot many such ancient attractions which have been awarded the status of “World Heritage Sites”. Anuradhapura is one such sacred city which had been established in the third century B.C. around a cutting from the tree of enlightenment, the Buddha’s fig tree. One can make a trip of the ancient city of Polonnaruva which was converted into the capital after the fall of Anuradhapura around the end of the 10th century. A visit to the ancient city of Sigiriya is another heritage site to look forward to in Sri Lanka. These ruins which were built by the parricidal King Kassapa I lie on the steep slopes and at the summit of a granite peak which stands at 370 m high also known as the ‘Lion’s Rock’. A tour of this heritage site in Sri Lanka will reveal a series of galleries and staircases which emerge from the mouth of a gigantic lion which has been constructed of bricks and plaster. Known as the “lion king” in the Sinhala language, Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a wonderful heritage site to visit. This attraction is a tropical lowland rain forest. The other prominent Sri Lanka Heritage Sites are “the sacred city of Kandy”, “the Old Town of Galle”, and “the Golden Temple of Dambulla”.

Hills Beyond Hills at Sri Lanka

Hills Beyond Hills

The mountain ranges of the otherwise beach country are also a sight worth a look. The hill country in Sri Lanka comprises a range of mountain ranges and can be referred to as ‘hills beyond hills’. A few important of these mountain ranges are Samanala Kandha, Haputale, Nakalse and Piduruthalagala. The plateaus of the hills beyond hills in Sri Lanka are located at a height which ranges from 300 meters to 1500 meters. The Piduruthalgala Mountain is the tallest mountain in the country. It is approximately 2525 meters in height. The next tallest mountain is Kirigal Potha approximately 2395 meters in height. Experience the joys of mountain watching in the otherwise beach country. The mountains have their own charm and provide views which are engrossing as well as majestic. While in the beautiful naturally endowed country look out for the amazing sights that the ‘hills beyond hills’ provide.

Lures of Jungles

Lures of Jungles

Jungle Safari in Sri Lanka is an attractive feature which never fails to impress any and all the tourists who visit this beautifully naturally endowed country. For many international as well as domestic tourists the ‘lures of the jungles’ is simply too hard to resist. One can venture into the dense, dark, wet and mysterious forests and indulge in meditation as well as relaxation in case they have not gone there for any scientific exploration. The tropical rain forests of the nation are a vast storehouse of national wealth. Here one even gets to see hundreds of indigenous flora and many different species of birds, beasts and reptiles. Though the information regarding the variety of wild cats found in the jungles of Sri Lanka is scattered, one will, nevertheless, enjoy a view of the Sri Lankan leopards which are the largest of the four species of wild cats found here.

Paragliding in Sri Lanka

Paragliding in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has always been an attractive destination for the international traveler. In recent times, with the increasing popularity of paragliding all over the world, paragliding in Sri Lanka is also touching greater heights. The latest aero sport has started to leave its mark on the landscape of the beach nation and has added another feather to its cap. Though the sport has been in vogue since the 1940’s it has recently started to make its mark in the island nation especially to cater to the demands of the international tourists. The rapid progress that the sport is making in the island nation is testimony to the fact that the international tourist is comfortable with the paragliding opportunities and facilities offered here. Paragliding in Sri Lanka is today a convenient sport and provides sheer fun to the adventurers. Another probable reason for its soaring popularity is the safety attached to it. It is a safe medium of soaring in the air. Moreover, the physical features and the climatic conditions in the nation are exceptionally conducive to flying all round the year.

Places of Worship at Sri Lanka

Places of Worship

A trip to Sri Lanka will reveal the spiritual angle of the beautiful island country complete with a lot many places of worship dotting the landscape of the entire country. Colombo, the capital of the country has an abundance of places of worship which are not only for the religious minded but also are an attraction for those who like to marvel at the architectural and drawing beauty as well. In Colombo you will be greeted by a plethora of Buddhist Temples. The more famous places of worship include ‘Asokaramaya’whose chief attraction is its beautiful mural paintings. You will also be attracted to Colombo’s oldest temple, ‘Dipaduttaramaya’, which was built in 1806 and its chief attraction is the murals painted by Burmese monks in 1890. Then there is the Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharaya Temple which is located at a distance of 13 kilometers from Colombo and is sacred for this was one of the three places visited by Lord Buddha in Sri Lanka. This temple has some of the finest wall and ceiling paintings which are very fascinating indeed and have been painted by the famous artist Mendis. The temple takes out an annual procession in January which comes a close second to the Kandy procession in terms of spectacle.

Rock Climbing in Sri Lanka

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing in Sri Lanka is a relatively new activity in the island nation but provides a plethora of new opportunities to be part of new discoveries and adventure. Rock climbing in Sri Lanka is not restricted to only the serious climbers but even the less serious climbers have an opportunity to trek along some exciting routes which have been developed. One such route includes the rock face of Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall ‘Babarakanda’. The more professional adventurists and climbers can also be part of discovery missions where they can indulge in some adventure and fun exploring as part of a team. At the Babarkanda waterfall one will find at the moment there are two climbing paths. One is for professional and the other two are for beginners. The beautiful waterfall is exquisite with a height of 790 feet. The enjoyment and satisfaction that one achieves from rock climbing mountaineering activities in Sri Lanka is something which cannot be described by words. You have to hone your skills and levels of fitness to truly enjoy this majestic sport adventure known as ‘rock climbing in Sri Lanka’.

Sri Lanka Beaches

Sri Lanka Beaches

Sri Lanka is well renowned the world over as a beautiful island floating in the cool blue waters of the Indian Ocean. There are numerable golden beaches which surround the country. The Sri Lanka Beaches are the chief attraction for many of the foreign tourists who are desirous of visiting this fabulous island nation. Most tourists just love to enjoy their swimming, diving and sunbathing. The beaches of Sri Lanka offer just that opportunity to the international tourists. In Bentota of the South West region will be found the most beautiful, wide and sandy beaches making it perhaps the most thriving tourist resort in the naturally endowed country. The hotels in these areas are equally up to the mark and provide all opportunities and amenities which are capable of matching up to the international standards. The South Coast has the best pockets of wide beaches and lagoons which are safe for all the year round swimming. A little precaution is to be exercised in the period between April-October when the beaches narrow off slightly. However, the area is home to some of the finest snorkeling reefs especially in Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna. The Sri Lanka Beaches do not pose any problem in terms of accommodation for the tourists. You can get a wide choice in terms of location as well as quality and price.

White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka

White Water RaftingThe adventure traveler and tourist round the world will surely love a trip to the island country of Sri Lanka which provides an abundance of action-packed adventure. The action-packed adventure on the water is an experience which is worth a try in the numerous rapids found in Sri Lanka. White water rafting in Sri Lanka is an activity full of fun and looked forward to by the first-timers as well as the experts. There is a wide range and grading of rapids on some of Sri Lanka’s most turbulent waters such as the Kelani River. To the southwest of Kandy is a small hill country called Kitulgala which is an ideal base from where many white water rafting tours take place. White water rafting tours are arranged for 1 hour to half day and can also include lunch. The boulder Stream Rivers of Sri Lanka provide just the ideal setting for white water rafting. One will find that this one of the best ways to see the eye-catching environment that this region has to offer. Today in Sri Lanka, white water rafting is assuming a very popular and exciting role as a safe adventure option.


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